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How much does it cost?

from £40 per piece of artwork

Photographing artwork for local artist

What happens next?

We arrange a convenient time for you to deliver your artwork to our studio.

We photograph your piece of art so it can be reproduced at the same size without any loss of detail.

We ensure the tones and colours match your artwork and that all the fine details have been captured.

If instructed to do so, we can remove marks and small blemishes.

We will provide you with a high resolution file suitable for printing.

We will also provide you with a lo-resolution image suitable for emailing and social media use.

Each image will contain the copyright information of the artist embedded in the images metadata.

We store, as a backup, all high quality files so that you can take the opportunity of our Fine Art print service and offer your clients Limited Edition Fine Art giclée prints.

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Our Price List

These are the papers we are currently recommending.

We will be adding a few more papers to our range over the coming months.

Larger print sizes are available on request

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