baby’s first photoshoot

Bump to Baby

Ten little fingers and ten tiny toes,
the sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose.
All this add up is a very special thing
 A Baby…
The greatest of gifts that life can bring…
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As parents and grand-parents we are very aware of how quickly children grow, how much they change and how much their character develops within their first year of life. But it’s also amazing how quickly those memories can fade!!

Let us capture those precious moments for you and create memories to treasure. From maternity to newborn and through the watch me grow programme we will ensure you remember these precious early moments for a lifetime.

What we have to offer

the start of your journey


What a great way to celebrate your pregnancy!

A beautiful, intimate photo-shoot for you and your partner; to capture the last few days of the special relationship you both have and before parenthood becomes a reality.

When is the best time to book my shoot?

The best time for a pregnancy shoot is between 34 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is when your belly will be big enough to show well on camera but you won’t be too uncomfortable, unlike at the end of your pregnancy.

What do I need to wear?

No specific items of clothing are required. 

However, please can you wear, or bring with you, white, black or nude coloured underwear. If you haven’t got all three colours please don’t go and buy them especially for the shoot, unless you really want to, we can work with whatever you’re wearing.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, can you also bring a copy of your scan picture if you have it.
We provide all the voile and fabrics for our wrapped up images.

What if we have older children?

If you have older children bring them along too. We can take a little time to do a mini session with them; this way they can also have some special photos before the baby arrives as well.

The baby has arrived!!

Newborn Shoot

The gaze of a child’s eyes, the curl of their hair, a simple awkward hand gesture or a windy smile. The early days are fleeting moments of blissful magic where your baby experiences the outside world for the first time. 

Babies change so much in their first few weeks so we like to try to capture these moments before they are gone forever.

When do I book my babies first shoot?

It is advisable to book your newborn session BEFORE the baby arrives. Ideally this will be when the baby is between 7-21 days old so we can capture those those cute protective looking shots.

It also means you are on the JMW Imaging schedule and will be given priority when your baby is born. We know that this date will be very flexible because babies like to leave us second guessing exactly when they will arrive!

How long will the session be?

Newborn sessions can be very unpredictable and depends very much on your baby so expect anything from 1/2 hour to 4 hours.

We try to keep both you and the baby as relaxed as possible so if that means feeding or nappy changes are required then so be it.

A contented baby takes better pictures than a grumpy baby. After all, we all want the best pictures.

Are older siblings welcome?

If you already have children please bring them along.

Sometimes, newborn and sibling portraits (especially with toddlers) can be some of the more difficult images to capture. Each toddler is unique in their attitude to the new arrival and may not have accepted the sudden appearance of a baby.

Including them in the session is one of the ways they can welcome their new baby. We have several tried and tested ideas that do work.

What if my baby has already arrived?

If your baby has already arrived, please feel free to call about a session and we will do our utmost to fit you in.

Growing up fast

6 Months Old

So many transformations take place in that first wonderful year.

We would be honoured to be a part of your baby’s life, documenting the little changes and the big milestones as they move from baby to toddler.

Why a a photoshoot at 6 months?

6 months is a great time to record how much they’ve changed since they were a tiny baby.

Most babies will able to lie on their tummy and pull their heads up. Some will be able to sit up. Some might even be crawling. The perfect time to record those milestones.

What do I need to bring with us?

It would be good if you could bring 2 or 3 different outfits to change into. And if your baby has a favourite toy or teddy, bring that too.

And of course, your changing bag and a bottle just in case!

Will we, the parents, be involved?

You can be involved as much or as little as you want, after all it is about recording your baby’s milestones.

However, it’s also a great opportunity for the first formal family portrait. So, yes, you will be involved!

How long will the session last?

This sessions will last roughly between 30 minutes to an hour, it will depend on whether your baby want’s to “play” or not. But like the previous shoots, we won’t be watching the clock.

Where has the time gone!!

Smash and Splash

Indeed – where has the time gone?

Your tiny bundle of joy has developed into a small toddler ready to take on the world. Let us celebrate a major milestone ~ their 1st Birthday.

What is Smash and Splash?

Quite simply it’s a way of celebrating your babies 1st birthday. And what better way to do it than with cake.

Cake Smash sessions are great messy fun for everyone! 

We then finish off with a suggested “bath splash” to get cleaned up.

Do I need to provide an outfit?

We provide the smash outfits so you don’t have to worry about sourcing a special costume.

Unless of course you want to!

What about the cake?

We ask that you, the parent, provide the cake. You know what your baby likes to eat and also know if they have any known allergies.

We can provide you with recommendations if you want something a little different to shop bought cakes.

Anything else?

Yes. A tip for parents! 

You may want to bring old trousers to wear for this part as everyone gets a little covered in cake.

Are you ready to capture those precious moments?


Session Fees


Studio session and a 10×8 crystal slate desk print


£50 credit off any framed product purchased at the time of viewing.


To support Remember My Baby, £5 from all Bump to Baby shoots will be donated to Sponsor a Memory. 

This will provide a bereaved family with a RMB USB Memory Drive of their images so they can remember their loved one.


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“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

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